upright basement music
upright basement music

Upright Basement Music is a network of independent musicians working to further the success of their music.  UBM promotes and supports the artists work to further its success in todays music industry.   UBM does not sign artists in the traditional sense of a label.  Rather, we want artists to remain independent.  We all promote our own works, which in turn promotes each other.  There is so much music out there and its tough to focus on the individual sometimes.  Upright Basement Music hopes to change that by promoting works from artists that play in several projects, work with many producers, play multiple instruments, and live the life of music.   UBM brings artists more exposure by creating a network where one can find and keep up with ever changing scene of new quality independent music. 

Upright Basement Music is assembling an active, diverse network of artists to take their music to the world.  The artists presented here are true musicians, making music for the people.  We in Upright Basement Music feel that the perception of music and the music industry needs to be changed.  Our main goal is to bring focus back to the musician and the quality of the talent.   

Check out Artists all over the World

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NYC                Jamaica                      Italy                 Indianapolis


We also have new artists and new music coming out constantly so PUNCH IN and Stay Upright! 


Most of these artists have material on all online download sites,such as itunes; including pandora!!

If you are interested in being a part of our UBM network, just shoot us an email.  We are always open to expanding and supporting quality music and the musicians behind it.